Brand, digital and print design.
Luster is the leader in event technology. They turn digital experiences into physical artifacts (like the famous Hashtag Printer, which instantly prints guests' photos from a social media hashtag). The brand balances sleek, modern design with a warm, human element.
My Contributions
I joined Luster when the tech startup was just getting off the ground. During my time there, I worked directly with the CCO to develop the visual language of Luster, from logo guidelines to photographic styles and beyond. My generalist graphic design skill set was a huge asset in supporting the growth of Luster from a 10 person team to a global brand. I had the opportunity to design everything from sales decks, case studies, brochures, event signage, website redesign, video ads and more.
Event Postcards
I designed these instructional postcards as a simple way to educate event-goers on how to use a Luster Hashtag Printer. The 3-step infographic shows how easy is to use the product. The postcards are displayed at over 500 events a year.
Conference Promotional Materials
Luster attended several marketer conferences in 2018. I was tasked with designing a printed takeaway and several promotional items. I wanted to showcase the bold modernism that Luster products are known for, and to create pieces that conference-goers would actually keep, use and share. Like the Hashtag Printer and the Flip-Disc Display, these items are simple and minimalist, with an emphasis on quality (embroidered hats, heavy satin brochures).
Website Redesign
I worked with a senior designer and a team of developers to redesign the Luster website. The main goal was to give structure and legibility to a site with a ton of content. We wanted to retain the airy, product-forward look of the starter site but introduce more real life photography that showed user interaction with the products.
Hashtag Mosaic Case Study
I art directed several case study / event highlight videos for Luster. This video showcased the Hashtag Printers and Hashtag Mosaic at TwitchCon. My job included sourcing the videography team on a slim budget, providing pre-event creative direction and shot lists and post-production feedback. I also helped produce 3 cuts for social media advertising.